Fall is a wonderful time to visit Big South Fork Airpark and East Tennessee.


Fall is a popular time at Big South Fork Airpark. The popularity of our area in Oneida, TN is due in large part to the stunning color changes to the foliage of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.


The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area boasts miles of hardwood forests, scenic gorges, and is rich with natural and historic features which have been developed to provide a range of outdoor recreational activities to visitors. It encompasses 125,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau and protects the free-flowing Big South Fork of the Cumberland River and its tributaries. 






Fall In Love With Autumn

Mid-October through late November boasts beautiful fall foliage in a wide range of colors. The climate is cooler and offers the perfect environment for fall hiking and outdoor activities. 


The East Rim Overlook at the Big South Fork is a forest of Tulip Poplar, Dogwood, Sourwood, Sumac, and Magnolias that peak in color change mid to late October. 


The bright red leaves of sumac and red maples and the burgundy of the sweetgum and tulip poplar are among the first to add vibrancy to the area.



Slow Down a Little – 

Fall at Big South Fork Airpark is an ideal time to sit back and enjoy a slower pace. The cool climate amongst the backdrop of the Cumberland Plateau offers an opportunity to enjoy a little more R&R. 


The Appalachian Mountains and the surrounding areas are a great place to escape a busy schedule and land into a simpler life. 


Many visitors to Big South Fork Airpark leave city life behind, giving themselves permission to unwind when fall foliage is at its peak in our area.

Horseback to the River Gorge

Get Outside!

If a slower pace doesn’t suit you, there are many exciting things to do during the fall season at Big South Fork Airpark


Average daytime temperatures for peak foliage season at Big South Fork are in the 60s and low 70s, making fall a perfect time to hike, ride, and enjoy the outdoors.  



Discover Scott – Five Fall Hikes


Many of our visitors enjoy an ATV trail ride to the River Gorge. A ride from Big South Fork Airpark to the river gorge is done on an expansive system of trails used for ATV and horseback riders. 


The journey to the river gorge is an absolute blast, and what you’ll find once you get there is an equally great reward. 


The gorge created by the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River is filled with natural arches, waterfalls, and opportunities for whitewater kayaking.

Angel Falls and the O&W Bridge Trail are both trails that take you through the deep gorge at Big South Fork and are relatively easy to hike.


Horseback riding is a popular activity at Big South Fork Airpark and the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.


The Big South Fork Airpark fly-in community offers an equestrian facility and western horseback riding trails. Visitors can explore the fall foliage of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area on horseback.




LowCountry Boil at BSFA


Fall Fly-Ins and Sense of Community

When you call Big South Fork Airpark home, you also gain a like-minded active community. In addition to being aviation enthusiasts, the residents at BSFA are also adventurous, welcoming, and involved. Any given weekend, you’ll find groups hiking, fishing, four-wheeling, grilling out, riding horses, and more.


Fall brings many community events to Big South Fork Airpark. The crisp weather and scenic backdrop of the airpark make fall the perfect time to host our annual fall fly-in and Lowcountry Boil here at Big South Fork Airpark. 


Attendees of BSFA’s events feel right at home. So much so, they often tour our available homesites and many make BSFA the site of their future homes!


Fall is a beautiful time to explore Big South Fork Airpark’s community and wonderful amenities. Check it out for yourself by scheduling a tour of our custom homes, available homesites, hangars, our equestrian center, and neighboring KSCX



BSFA FAll Landing


A colorful place to land

Flying into BSFA during the fall is like eye candy for the soul. Scott County Airport (KSCX) neighbors Big South Fork Airpark, and flying over the gorgeous fall foliage is necessary to touchdown in our special piece of East Tennessee. 


The airport offers all the conveniences to make travel as easy as possible. Scott County Airport offers aircraft parking, fuel station and maintenance, and 5,500 feet of county-maintained runway.

With BSFA and KSCX’s through-the-fence agreement, the FAA allows our property owners easy access to their hangars, homesites, homes, and community amenities.

You will enjoy all the comforts of a major airport with the charm of a small town. And the added bonus of parking your plane in Scott County, TN…No property tax on Private Airplanes!

BSFA Hangars

Our Hangars

Of course, the BSF Airpark wouldn’t be complete without customized hangars. These are designed and constructed with the same care as your home.

Design your own hangar. You can also build your dream hangar on your home site next to your custom home as well. Talk about bringing a new meaning to taxiing to your front door!


Big South Fork Airpark residents currently enjoy several hangar sizes. T-hangars are 42×36 and Executive hangars are 60×55. All hangars are privately owned by residents with direct access to the county airport runway.

Additionally, some owners enjoy the comfort of luxurious homesite hangars, stepping right off their planes through their front doors.




BSFA Knoxville Nearby City


Spend a day or two in nearby cities

Many visitors of Big South Fork Airpark visit Tennessee’s third-largest city, Knoxville, for an easy day trip. 


Fly into kTYS is 48.2n from kSCX which is a quick 15-minute flight. 

Explore the city of Knoxville and all it has to offer, then head back to the comfort of Big South Fork at day’s end. 


Explore Knoxville here. 



KSCX BSFA Scott County Airport

It’s Always A Great Time To Visit

No matter the time of year you visit Big South Fork, there is so much to see and do. Fall is a special time and we certainly hope you’ll consider a fall foliage visit to Big South Fork Airpark. You’re going to love it here!