Airpark living is divine at Lot #39!

Big South Fork Airpark Neighbor Spotlight: Peggy & Gus Aguirre

        Gus and Peggy Aguirre - Big South Fork Airpark      

Name: Peggy & Gus Aguirre 

Owners of: BSFA Lot #39  and Hangar #23- Full-time BSF Airpark residents in Oneida, TN

Property Owners Since: October 2018

Residents Since: 2021

Home or Hangar: Custom-built home and hangar

Moved To Big South Fork Airpark: In 2021 from Spring Branch, TX

Aircraft: Vans Aircraft RV6A

What drew you to BSF Airpark?: The airpark, weather, and nature

What are your favorite things about living at BSF Airpark?Aviation, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Motorcycle, Neighbors

If you could give a piece of advice to anyone considering airpark living, what would it be?Consider an Airpark having “Through the Fence Access” to a Municipal Airport as Big South Fork Airpark does!!




Peggy and Gus Aguirre are full-time residents of Big South Fork Airpark. Their journey began in October of 2018, when they became  property owners of Big South Fork Airpark homesite Lot#39 and Hangar #23. 



Gus and Peggy Aguirre - Big South Fork Airpark

Welcome Peggy & Gus Aguirre to Big South Fork Airpark!

October 13, 2018 – Please welcome Gus & Peggy Aguirre to the BSFA Family! They’ve just purchased Lot #39 and Hangar #23, and join us from Spring Branch, Texas.



After drawing up plans for their beautiful custom-built home, the Aguirres broke ground in May of 2020. They stayed hands-on in the build process and enjoyed seeing their dream home through from conception to realized.




Gus and Peggy Aguirre - Big South Fork Airpark

Peggy and Gus Aguirre break ground on their Lot # 39 home at Big South Fork Airpark!

May 8, 2020 – Please join us in congratulating Gus and Peggy Aguirre! Their new home is officially under construction on Lot 39.
Gus, Peggy, and their pup (Pepe) are from Texas and fly an RV6A. Welcome to the next leg of enjoying the BSF Airpark lifestyle!
In search of an aviation lifestyle where the beautiful bounties of nature could be met with cooler seasonal weather and adventure on their doorstep, Peggy and Gus chose Big South Fork Airpark here in Oneida, TN.  Living at the airpark is enjoyable for them. They love the neighbors and the community. The Aguirre’s attend nearly all of Big South Fork Airpark’s events and are a big part of the BSFA community.  
Gus Aguirre - Big South Fork Airpark Oyster Roast 2022

Gus Aguirre at BSFA's 7th Annual Oyster Roast & Fly-In!

April 24, 2022 – Big, big thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday for BSFA’s 7th Annual Oyster Roast and Fly-In!
The sun was shining and the oysters were delicious – just ask BSFA neighbor Gus Aguirre….nobody ate more oysters than Gus! (and here’s a great photo to prove it!)
Together in Oneida, Peggy and Gus have built a home and a lifestyle they both enjoy tremendously. Their custom home, complete with a stamped walkway depicting their Vans Aircraft RV6A, was completed in November 2021. This spectacular home embodies the charm of airpark living but certainly doesn’t spare any detail or sacrifice modern conveniences. With the help of their build team, they’ve artfully designed a home they can enjoy for years to come.
Gus and Peggy Aguirre - Big South Fork Airpark

Congratulations to new full-time BSF Airpark residents, Peggy & Gus Aguirre!

November 13, 2021 – Congratulations to Peggy & Gus Aguirre who just completed their gorgeous home on Lot 39!
Take a look through the photos from earlier this year when Aguirre’s build was in progress.
Notice the stamped walkways with a picture of their RV6 airplane! This is pretty cool!
In addition to aviation, Peggy and Gus enjoy many activities here in Oneida, the majority of them right here at Big South Fork Airpark. They enjoy mountain biking, hiking, road biking, and riding their motorcycle. They’ve enjoyed making new friends and paving the way for other aviation enthusiasts in the town of Oneida.  Gus is also the Vice President of EAA – The Spirit of Aviation Chapter #1644 at KSCX.


A love for aircraft!

Gus and Peggy Aguirre with the Vans Aircraft RV6A




When asked what single piece of advice they would give to anyone considering life at an airpark, Gus and Peggy said;

Consider an Airpark having “Through the Fence Access” to a Municipal Airport as Big South Fork Airpark does!!”

EAA - The Spirit of Aviation Chapter #1644 in Oneida, TN

EAA - The Spirit Of Aviation Chapter #1644 is here in Oneida, TN!

Oneida’s own EAA – The Spirit of Aviation Chapter #1644!

Vice President, Gus Aguirre (middle),  is pictured here at KSCX with President Les Williams (far left) and Treasurer Fred Huppert (far right)

Thank you, Gus and Peggy. We hope our gratitude for all you contribute to our uniquely premier airpark community is felt. We are thankful to have you a part of our Big South Fork Airpark community!



Blue skies!

BA Armstrong and The Big South Fork Airpark Team



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