Big South Fork Airpark Is A Practical Place to Live

Let’s face it – becoming a pilot is one of the coolest things you’ve ever done.  The aviation industry comprises some of the most extraordinary, unique, and passionate people anywhere. 

Pilots are also practical. Very practical. 

After all, pilots are trained (and tested) to be ready for any and every situation. This training requires removing idealism from a situation, allowing the science, data, and facts to influence a decision. 

Pilots learn to remain calm; reactive but not reactionary. Nuts and bolts. Pilots are nuts and bolts.

It only makes sense that a pilot would carry this commonsensical, non-idealistic, and matter-of-fact approach into their daily decision-making processes.

Decisions take time, patience, and precision; a set of attributes you, as an aviation enthusiast, most likely have.


The Practical Reasons For Living At Big South Fork Airpark

When making life-changing considerations, it only makes sense that pilots would take a more systematic, feet-on-the-ground approach. 

It is easy to list the dreamy reasons to love fly-in community living (see our recent article on the very topic) but it is less common to find a practical list of reasons why fly-in community living is the ultimate.


More Time To Fly Your Airplane

Chances are good that you have found yourself, on more than one occasion, saying:

“I wish I had more time to fly”   or   “It just isn’t convenient to fly as much as I’d like”. 


Airpark living with a hangar at your home and a plane at your side will surely solve that dilemma.

Enjoy access to your plane and spur-of-the-moment flight plans as a perk of airpark living.

See our homesites and hangars here.


 Big South Fork Airpark Is A Geographical Dream

Nestled atop a plateau and within the heart of a six-city radius, you will find Big South Fork Airpark.

True to its surroundings, this is a nature lover’s paradise. It is also a practical pilot’s Candyland. 


With quick access to 6 large US cities on just one fuel tank, you can find yourself within efficient access to nearly anything you could want to see or do in a day.

Not only is Big South Fork beautiful, but it is extremely well-positioned in the geographical US.


Here is a list of nearby attractions and neighboring cities.



Big South Fork Airpark Has Great Flying Weather


In Oneida, we celebrate all 4 seasons. The summers are long and warm, and the winters are short and cold. 

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 28°F to 85°F and is rarely below 13°F or above 91°F.

Due to our geographical and ecological location, the average yearly snowfall in Oneida is 9 inches, where the US average is 28 inches. 

This makes Oneida a good place to fly during times when other areas of the US (those who can appreciate all four seasons) aren’t.


Take a look at Oneida’s weather averages here



Local Financing Is Possible At Big South Fork Airpark


Big South Fork Airpark residents have found it both easy and pleasurable to do business with our local banks. Purchasing a home site and building a home is simplified when you have a team of good people on your side. 

We like to send prospective property owners to First National Bank in Oneida. Here they get small-town customer service from experienced mortgage professionals.

We also have several other local banks and lending institutions to help you on your way



Designing A Beautiful Airpark Home Is Easy At Big South Fork Airpark


The process of designing a custom home suited for fly-in community living is easier than you might think. 

Many of the homes at BSF Airpark have been designed by MossCreek Luxury Home Designs based in nearby Knoxville, TN. 

These professionals offer both pre-planned and custom home designs and have worked with many happy BSF Airpark homeowners to design their airpark homes.

Access to beautiful, luxury home plans is made easy thanks to our friends at MossCreek.



Things To Do Near Big South Fork Airpark


If you or your spouse have reservations about the mostly rural feel of the area, rest easy. Yes, we are rural. Yes, we are surrounded by pristine nature. Yes, there are things to do here.

Restaurants  – here is a list of local restaurants. Yes, that’s plural.

Attractions –  we even made the list of attractions for our small piece of paradise

Shopping –  We have more than just Walmart and Walgreens. 

Post Office – We have a post office in Oneida. In some small towns, that is a big deal.


If you are looking to make a day trip outside of Oneida (and we hope you are), the list of nearby cities may excite you:

Cities 50 miles from Oneida, TN

50 miles:   Heiskell, TN

48 miles:   Clinton, TN

46 miles:   Monticello, KY

45 miles:   Banner Springs, TN

42 miles:   Bronston, KY

40 miles:   Burnside, KY

38 miles:   Jellico, TN

38 miles:   Jamestown, TN

38 miles:   LaFollette, TN

34 miles:   Allardt, TN

33 miles:   Williamsburg, KY

30 miles:   Caryville, TN

24 miles:   Big South Fork, KY

24 miles:   Duckrun, KY

24 miles:   Sunbright, TN



Custom Airpark Homes And Hangars At Big South Fork Airpark

The process of building your custom airpark home at Big South Fork Airpark is easy.  Airpark property owners and pilots find that the adjacent airport and direct runway access make it easy to visit during the construction process.

Scott County Airport (KSCX) is our neighbor, and we are very proud of that. 


* Worth noting: Scott County Airport (SCX), ranked among the BEST municipal airports in rural America, boasts a lighted, asphalt runway 5,500 feet in length, 4 instrument approaches, a 24-hour fuel station, and an on-site maintenance facility; making it not only safe but incredibly convenient. 

To add to the convenience, our on-site airpark team will assist you in providing progress photos, site visits, and updates during your construction process. 

We help take the guesswork out of constructing your home. 


We’re a practical group of people with a no-nonsense approach to building our community. At Big South Fork Airpark, we realize that what we have is special and will remain for years to come. We’d love to have you in for a visit. Please contact us if you’d like to fly in! 


Blue skies,

Bill ‘BA’ Armstrong