Airpark development in the US is moving at a rapid pace, and the popularity of fly-in community living is on the rise. All you need is a love of flying, an airplane, and a dream of living next to your plane to feel part of this impressive way of life. 

Big South Fork Airpark is a premier, residential aviation and equestrian community located in Oneida, TN; just 50 miles north of Knoxville. It is adjacent to Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area atop the Cumberland Plateau in The Smoky Mountains. 

Despite the expedient growth and popularity of fly-in living, life at Big South Fork Airpark feels anything but fast-paced. 

Visitors, many of whom have turned residents, have fallen in love with the airpark for more reasons than we can count.

We’ll give you the Top 5. 


1. Extraordinary Accessibility and Convenience




Located within one fuel tank’s proximity to over 6 major US cities, Big South Fork Airpark is an informed choice for your last-minute weekend getaway. 

Big South Fork Airpark is a private, residential community nestled between 125,000 acres of wildlife at the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area and Scott Municipal Airport (KSCX), located within Scott County Airport (SCX)*. Those who visit find the ease of flying-in to be second-to-none. 

 With its uncomplicated access and location adjacent to the airport, Big South Fork Airpark is a  convenient destination for any aviator’s spontaneity. 


* Worth noting: Scott County Airport (SCX), ranked among the BEST municipal airports in rural America, boasts a lighted, asphalt runway 5,500 feet in length, 4 instrument approaches, 24-hour fuel station, and an on-site maintenance facility; making it not only safe but incredibly convenient. 


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2. Large Home Sites and Private Hangars



 Big South Fork Airpark proudly touts its growing community, and for good reason. The airpark consists of 450+ acres and offers high-quality, newly-constructed homes. With over 140 homesites from which to choose, each ranging between 1-3+ acres with taxiway access, 3 developmental phases, and the availability of personal hangars; the community is superb in its own right. 

Some residents opt for hangar homes, however, planes are kept inside a row of hangars just outside the airport gate if the idea of residing directly next to your airplane doesn’t suit you. For the aviation enthusiast, this is truly living the dream. Who doesn’t love the idea of taxiing up to your front door?


Fly in for a tour of available home sites –



3. Freedom to just ‘be’ and to live out your best life – right now



There is no doubt that fly-in communities provide a unique lifestyle, and Big South Fork Airpark is no exception. It is easy to fall in love with this airpark, as it commands you to live with full enjoyment. 

Surrounded by beautiful, rich forest with ATV and horse trails, and over 50 acres dedicated to the equestrian activity, Big South Fork Airpark appeals to those who desire goodness, simplicity, and the ease of renewal. We’d go as far as to say “back to basics”, but the lifestyle at BSFA is far from basic.

It isn’t uncommon to encounter playful deer and on occasion, a bear, just meandering through. The area is a gorgeous, well-preserved wilderness offering optimal relaxation and exploration. 


With pristine nature, enticing amenities, and the ability to live with your airplane; life doesn’t get much more extraordinary than this. 


Explore Big South Fork Airpark and surrounding areas here



 4. A sense of BIG community, in Small Town USA



BSFA provides an impressive setting with a personality as original as those who call it home. Whether it becomes your home or your home-away-from-home, Big South Fork Airpark offers its residents exclusivity and a sense of community.

Similar to other types of neighborhoods where neighborly bonds run strong and proud, all of the residents at Big South Fork Airpark share a common interest: to create a prosperous and successful family, a community within which to enjoy the playful liberation of life and recreation; and flying.



Bill Armstrong, developer and resident, speaks highly of his neighbors. In a recent article in the Independent Herald, Bill Armstrong, or B.A, as he is so lovingly referred, recounts an unplanned neighborly outing that is all too common at BSFA. He describes how a last-minute invitation from one neighbor turned into an ATV party when residents gathered to enjoy recent snowfall near the river. This is just one small example of the friendly nature of the community. 


Read the article here


The airpark hosts many fun activities for property owners. BSFA’s residents are proud of their community and as such host group rides, tournaments, fishing excursions, cook-outs, and contests on a regular basis. Many of the events that have been enjoyed are open to visitors, too.


Follow the Big South Fork Airpark Facebook page for info on the community and upcoming events.


5. Amenities & Play


Whether you are a pilot, an equestrian, or you just love the outdoors, Big South Fork Airpark will afford you a simple utopian purity. 

The amenities within the airpark, as well as those nearby, appeal to lovers of hiking, four-wheeling, fishing, and Western horseback riding (Western trail riding). Many of these activities can be enjoyed at Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, which is adjacent to Big South Fork Airpark.



For horse enthusiasts, BSFA has an equestrian center with a full-size arena, and saddled horses are available for residents to ride on the more than 180 miles of beautiful horse trails near the Big South Fork Recreational Area. Avid Western trail riders enjoy the expanse of trails, water crossings, and scenic exploration that the airpark has to offer. 

The stables at BSFA are high-quality; and private care is available to residents for their horse, or horses, for an additional fee.  



Touch down and then saddle up here at Big South Fork Airpark Equestrian Center

Aviation communities are innovative and absolutely exciting. If you have an aversion to boredom and a desire to live fully and enjoy every moment, Big South Fork Airpark will check all of your boxes. We hope you’ve loved our Top 5 reasons that BSFA ranks high on our list. Stay tuned for more news and updates from the airpark soon. 


Follow this link for more information about building your custom dream home at Big South Fork Airpark.